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What are the causes of Xerox printer failure?


There may be several issues that cause failure in the Xerox printer machine. Sometimes, an issue can be more complex than it looks. Well, if you have encountered this problem in your printer machine, don’t worry, you can resolve it by pursuing the below mentioned steps. Generally, the issue occurs due to wrong configuration or ignoring the maintenance of your printer. There are other factors such as poor ink quality, stuck paper, old printer software and more.

For better configuration, we have mentioned some issues and their solution that you can work on to fix the nuisance in your printer machine.

Steps to consider-

  • Stuck Printer Spooler:-
  1. When you print a document, the file is stored temporarily on your computer. Your printer recovers it when it’s ready to print the document. If in case, your printer spooler service gets stuck, jobs that you send to the printer will not print, and the printer itself will not respond in any possible way.
  2. Go to the start menu, tap on the search box and enter “services”. When the options appear selects an appropriate option and right clicks on Printer Spooler and tap on the Restart button.
  • Driver Issues:-
  1. This can also be a reason for the printer failure. A driver is a software that works as a medium of communication. If the driver occur problem, you’re unable to print pages. If you see any exclamation marks next to it, that means there is some problem with the driver.
  2. Update your printer software or install disc that came with your printer.
  • Overuse:-
  1. Every printer machine has fixed page volume. The complete information is usually available in the user manual that came with your printer machine. If you have used the recommended volume on a printer, you’ll have to repeat jamming and internal parts such as paper pickup rollers will fail much swiftly than they normally would.
  • Consumable issues:-
  1. Probably, printers will stop working when they are out of paper, ink or toner, or if the unit detects an issue with the ink or toner cartridge. When this occurs, you might receive an error message or notice green light blinking.

If still, you don’t find any problem in your printer, contact our Xerox Printer Centre team who are at your service all the working and non-working days. The diligent team will ensure you the best troubleshooting steps which you can follow to fix the problem persisting in your device.

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